Placement Testing, Registration & Application FAQs

UPDATED - As of 12.1.23-

There will be no placement testing requirements for 2024-2025 WIHI Applicants. 

All students will be placed/scheduled according to their report card, NWEA and/or PSAT scores. 

Check out the Family Info Nights page for when we will be hosting Family Info Sessions for Prospective Families interested in applying/attending for the 24-25 school year. 

WIHI & WIMA will be offering 1/2 day shadowing appointments this year for students interested in attending the 24-25 school year. 

We want students to be able to experience what a day in a life of a WIHI or WIMA student would be, so they can feel more comfortable about making the right choice for their high school or middle school education.

Shadowing is available in the morning from 8:25am to 11:30am.

WIHI Shadowing - for students in grades: 8th, 9th & 10th - Click here to request a Shadow Date

We are unable to offer appointments on Wednesdays & Fridays at this time due to our schedule.

WIMA Shadowing - for students in grades: 5th, 6th & 7th - Click here to request a WIMA Shadow Date

We are unable to offer appointments on Wednesdays & Fridays at this time due to our schedule.

Do I need to register my child with our local high school if we currently attend a charter, online or private school or going back to "home" district?

  • ​Depends on the District - if your student is selected through the lottery process and they have never registered/attended their local high school, families may be required to submit enrollment documents to their district school as well, in order to be fully accepted to WIHI. 
  • Specific details will be given to families during the enrollment process.  

Are students denied admission based upon their discipline and grade reports?

  • No.  WIHI collects this information to make sure that students receive the supports they need to succeed at WIHI.

Does a student have to submit an application before they can shadow a current WIHI student?

  • No.  Students may shadow a WIHI student before or after submitting an application.

Should a student apply if they are considering other schools in addition to WIHI?

  • We recommend and welcome students to apply even if they are considering other schools.  Classes are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis, so it is best to apply even if you are looking at additional schools.  It is important to note that any applications received after the February deadline are automatically added to the end of the wait list.​

How do we sign up for the Placement Testing?

  • There will be no Placement Testing for 24-25 WIHI applicants.  Students will be placed/scheduled according to their report card, NWEA and/or PSAT scores.   

What is the difference between Math 2 and 3?

  • Math 2 - WIHI's 9th grade math course (course equivalent to Algebra II & Geometry)
  • Math 3 - WIHI's 10th grade math course (course equivalent to adv. Algebra II & adv. Geometry, Pre- Trig & Pre- Calculus) This course is recommended for students who are interested in pursuing Math intensive fields.​

How many students do you accept to WIHI?

  • We can accept up to 160 students for 9th grade, with priority given to siblings (per State Law), children of staff members (per WEOC contract) & WIMA students.  
  • Each school district has a pre-determined number of spots that has been assigned by the school district.  If we receive more applications than spots available for that district, we will conduct a lottery for the spots available. 
  • Generally we have lotteries for the following districts: Ann Arbor, Lincoln, Ypsilanti & OOC*. 

*What does OOC and SOC stand for?

  • OOC = ​Out of County - This refers to any applicant that lives outside of Washtenaw County or in Dexter.  Out of County residents can only be accepted into WIHI through the School of Choice program.  
  • SOC = School of Choice -  This is an application program which allows students to attend WIHI through a participating Washtenaw County School.  Approval is needed from the SOC district, in order for full acceptance to  WIHI be granted.  The SOC district for WIHI is Ypsilanti. 
  • School of Choice only affects where your student can participate in MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) sanctioned sports.  Wihi offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities (located on the Wihi Clubs page) that are available to all students regardless of their home district. 

Auditions will begin in March and are by appointment only.  Auditions will be held virtually or after school from 2:45 - 3:45 pm.

​To schedule an appointment, contact Mr. Pierson ( directly and provide three day options that fall within the 2:45 - 3:45 pm time frame.  If that time frame does not work, alternate arrangements can be made.

Please click on the link below to download a pdf containing more information and the audition instructions.​

Have Additional Questions? Contact Us:

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Student Shadow Information  

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Specific Scheduling and IB Curriculum

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