What Makes Us Exceptional

What our students are saying...

"When I first came here, I didn't want to leave all my friends behind, but now that I've been here, this has become my family. I don't want to leave this school.  You always have a place to go here - if you don't have a ride right after school, you can stay to get help."

“I found a great school that gives me two diplomas - one for here and one for the whole wide world.  Everyone seems really nice, and I’m learning a lot!"

“My freshmen year, I was helping Juniors from other schools in some subjects, no problem.”

“The teachers are really personable too.  It makes it easier to ask them questions – even if you are not in their class.”

What our parents are saying...

"WIHI is our county's best kept secret with a future of a long waiting list.”

"WIMA's diversity and size were the big selling points for us. We also value the intentional emphasis on community and educating the whole child."

"Material my child was working on in 9th grade was the same material I worked on at a community college.  I know the education my daughter is receiving will fully prepare her for college." 

"Our child has learned to do more than memorize facts.   The students are taught to become critical thinkers and apply the knowledge they gain across the academic continuum "

"WIHI offers our children diverse prep school academics in  a progressive public school setting.  WIHI is the best option to prepare our children for their future."

What our teachers are saying...

"WIHI is a school unlike any I have had the pleasure of associating myself with. At WIHI there is a continuity between departments, staff, students and parents that is unparalleled in education today and this creates an environment highly supportive of learning and a culture in which striving for success is center stage". - Mr. Pierson, Music Director 


What major Universities are saying...

“IB is well known to us as excellent preparation. Success in an IB programme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are pleased to see the credential of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript.”  - Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Harvard University, USA

“The IB is a first-rate programme, one we are familiar with, and it prepares students well for a university like ours.” - Fred Hargadon, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Princeton University

“We know the quality of IB courses, and we think the IB curriculum is terrific.” - Christoph Guttentag, Director of Admissions, Duke University