2022-2023 Music Auditions

Band and Choir Auditions are Open

Orchestra - No Audition. students will perform their audition during class in the fall once enrolled.

Students interested in joining jazz should contact Mr. Brian lee (

Auditions will begin in March and are by appointment only.  Auditions will be held virtually or after school from 3:30 - 4:45 pm.

​To schedule an appointment, contact Mr. Pierson directly and provide three day options that fall within the 3:30 - 4:45 pm time frame.  If that time frame does not work, alternate arrangements can be made.

Placement For:

  • Symphonic Band - (open to all students)
  • Concert Winds - (intermediate level band)
  • Wind Ensemble – (advanced level band)


Band Auditions are to determine ensemble placement. Students who do not audition will be automatically placed into Symphonic Band.

Band Audition Dates – Spring Semester beginning April 4th


  • Step 1 - Read Audition Instructions
  • Step 2 - Contact Mr. Pierson to set up an audition date (
  • Step 3 - Review audition requirements (scales and excerpts - see below)
  • Step 4 - Download excerpt below. Perform the portion for your instrument

*percussion, perform as instructed in Audition Instructions

Instrument Excerpts

Click to download excerpts to perform at the audition

Students performing on Bari Sax or Bass Clarinet might be required to play Alto Sax or Bb Clarinet depending on instrumentation and instrument availability in the fall.

Sample Audition Scoring Rubric - 2013/2014

Placement For:

  • Chamber Choir - no audition required
  • Vox Humanas – (advanced level audition required)

Choir Auditions

In-person audition includes testing out one's vocal range, a short excerpt of sightreading to assess notation/solfege skills, and a prepared solo that best shows off the student's singing voice. Students  may submit a one minute video recording of a song that shows off your best singing voice. You may sing without musical accompaniment (a cappella) or with a "karaoke" track (no vocals on the track).

Please send all videos or schedule an audition by contacting Mr. Lee ( starting April 4th.

Videos may be a private youtube link, google shared link, or whatever method works for you.

  • Ensembles: We offer a full spectrum of traditional large and small performing ensembles: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Chamber Music.
  • Instruction: Students receive high quality instruction in their primary area (strings, voice, etc.) by performing quality musical literature and individual study in large ensemble settings.
  • IB Music: Students can take IB Music in their 11th/12th grade years studying music academically through music history, music theory analysis, and music composition. For more information click HERE.
  • Scheduling: Students are encouraged to continue music ensemble performance for their entire education at WIHI; grades 9th - 12th. Scheduling allows four year participation in music while continuing their IB course-load. Upon IB Authorization this coming March, we will begin offering IB Music in 2013-2014. Students enrolled in IB Music CAN (and are encouraged to) continue performing in their large ensemble by scheduling these courses concurrently.
  • Performing: We offer regular performing opportunities at state of the art facilities (such as Saline HS Ellen Ewing Performing Arts Center) as well as WIHI Sponsored Solo and Ensemble opportunities and other events.
  • Consistency: Our music department is united as a whole organization with a curriculum that is consistent among all ensembles.
  • Active Parent Involvement: Our parent boosters are active supporters of the music program - assisting in running events, raising funds and supporting student opportunities.

Students Going Above and Beyond: Our WIHI Student musicians are not only active with WIHI music but also attend local concerts, take private lessons, attend camps/clinics (Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, EMU Wind/Percussion Clinic Day, Interlochen, etc.) and perform in honors/youth ensembles (Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra, DSO Civic Youth Ensembles).