Student Support

All Middle Years Programme (MYP) students are required to complete four hours for grade 6, six hours for grade 7, eight hours for grade 8 and ten hours for grades 9 and 10, maintain documentation of hours, complete reflections, collect evidence, and create a brief presentation. Service Hours: Addressing a community need and performed for a group or individual without reward, personal benefit, or payment to the volunteer. Assisting non-profit organizations may be used for service hours. Family responsibilities and/or obligations and assisting for-profit businesses may NOT be used for community and service hours.

Student Support Team

Rachel Hervey 
(WIHI Dean of Students/ School Health Coordinator)

Cathy Ellis 
(Grades 9-10 counselor)
734-994-8145 opt 4

Brian Nemerovski 
(Grades 11-12 counselor, College Counselor)
734-994-8145 opt 4

Tatiana Canyon
(Social Worker)
734-994-8145 ext. 4676




Mark Chapman
(WIHI IEP Coordinator)
734-994-8145 ext. 4634

Deb Bargardi
(WIMA IEP Coordinator)
734-994-8145 ext. 4623

Ari Bartolacci 
(WIMA Dean of Students/Restorative practices coordinator)

Jessica Garcia
(504 Coordinator)
734-994-8145 ext. 4667