The Diploma Program Core

The goal of this two-year class looks simple, to learn how one thinks. The method for attaining this goal, however, is very complex and requires deep contemplation. This class is divided into four key parts: The Role of Language and Thought in Knowledge, The Requirements of Logic for Knowledge, Systems of Knowledge (i.e. mathematics, sciences, and history), and Value Judgments as Knowledge (i.e. moral, political, and aesthetic judgments). Students will receive comprehensive guidance in their quest to understand how one approaches and makes decisions.

Completion of this class will confer the distinction of truly being an advanced student.

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The 4000 word extended essay is an intrinsic part of the IB diploma. It is an in-depth study of a limited topic within a subject area. Its purpose is to provide candidates with an opportunity to engage in independent research. Emphasis is placed on the process of engaging in personal research, on the communication of ideas and the information in a logical and coherent manner, and on the overall presentation of the extended essay in compliance with these guidelines.

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​The IB takes seriously the importance of life outside the world of scholarship. The emphasis of CAS is on experiential learning. Students are required to complete and document a minimum of 50 hours in each of the three CAS areas. Students keep detailed journals and mementos, where possible, of all qualifying activities. The individual student, in designing and carrying out service projects, interprets creativity as imaginatively as possible to cover a wide range of arts and other activities. Action can include participation in expeditions, individual and team sports and physical training; it can also include carrying out creative and service projects as well as training for service. Service is community or social service; it can include environmental and international projects.

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